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imadoctor-notawriter said: So what's the whole 1998 kerfuffle with David & Gillian?


So, in 1998 David really wanted Gillian to pilot an Eva unit because of this strange phenomena of angels attacking earth. Gillian didn’t really want to do that, because the stresses involved in piloting are really intense and have long-term, unexplored effects. But Gillian does it anyway because she has a strong sense of duty and is afraid of what others would think of her. This caused a really intense rift in their friendship and inevitably led to David not wanting to continue on the X Files for the last couple of seasons.

The angels have ceased  to attack earth and Gillian did her duty. It seems that everyone has forgiven the other and the angels/SEELE have not been heard of since.  Thankfully, Gillian did not trigger instrumentality… although I guess if she did, none of us would actually remember it?

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Theo Jansen  Strandbeest

Side note: These don’t have motors. They’re completely momentum/wind-powered and literally just wander around beaches unsupervised like giant abstract monsters.

these are both amazing and COMPLETELY TERRIFYING

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Aisha Tyler has a lot of internalized misogyny.

Can’t screenshot right now, but here’s the post:


It’s Aisha Tyler’s rant at fans who were upset about some transphobic jokes and misogyny at a recent Comic Con panel.

The background for this is Aisha…

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Living Wall

These vegetated surfaces don’t just look pretty. They have other benefits as well, including cooling city blocks, reducing loud noises, and improving a building’s energy efficiency.What’s more, a recent modeling study shows that green walls can potentially reduce large amounts of air pollution in what’s called a “street canyon,” or the corridor between tall buildings.

For the study, Thomas Pugh, a biogeochemist at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, and his colleagues created a computer model of a green wall with generic vegetation in a Western European city. Then they recorded chemical reactions based on a variety of factors, such as wind speed and building placement.

The simulation revealed a clear pattern: A green wall in a street canyon trapped or absorbed large amounts of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter—both pollutants harmful to people, said Pugh. Compared with reducing emissions from cars, little attention has been focused on how to trap or take up more of the pollutants, added Pugh, whose study was published last year in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

That’s why the green-wall study is “putting forward an alternative solution that might allow [governments] to improve air quality in these problem hot spots,” he said.

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How to Get 10% Off Your Order at Not a Burger Stand in Burbank, CA

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I’ve had it with not a burger stand’s wario discrimination

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